Below you can find a sampling of things I’ve written, edited, or projects I’ve managed.

You Are What You Meat (managing editor for long-form, multi-article publication covering the history, science, and impact of cellular agriculture aka lab-grown meat)

Does Lactic Acid Really Cause Muscle Pain? (wrote script for Youtube science show Scishow about a common biochemistry myth)

Befriending Hyperobjects (edited and contributed text for a grant supporting this art project, as well as edited text for the project’s app)

A Short Sequence of Fish DNA Could Change Our Understanding of Virus Reproduction (wrote a story on some interesting recent research; contains several turns of phrase I like)

Should peer review stop being anonymous? (wrote a story on trends in science culture, in this case how peer review in science publishing should work)

Carl Zimmer explores the mysteries and contradictions of genetics (wrote a review on a new book about genetics and inheritance)