Below you can find a sampling of things I’ve written, edited, or projects I’ve managed. This does not include my regular day-to-day editing job at Massive Science. All good articles on Massive are because of my strong, visionary editing. If you find a mistake in an article I wrote, I don’t know how it got there.

A Study Tried to Use Genetics to Explain Why People Are Poor (article for Vice about people trying to use modern genetics tools to prop up genetic essentialist ideas)

You Are What You Meat (managing editor for Massive on short magazine covering the history, science, and impact of cellular agriculture aka lab-grown meat)

0.1% (edited a zine on how genomics and personal identity affect one another. A collaboration between Massive and NAVEL, an LA-based art collective)

Don’t believe the conspiracy theories you hear about coronavirus and HIV (I used some basic molecular biology tools to contradict a bizarre and non-sensical conspiracy theory that COVID-19 has bits of HIV mixed in, an idea that makes no sense, logically or biologically)

Voyeur of ‘Midwest culture’ dives in at St. Albert the Great’s fish fry (this one’s not about science. I had wanted to go to a church fish fry for years and wrote about my experience going there, as a Jew, for CityPages)

Meet Annie Easley, the barrier-breaking mathematician who helped us explore the solar system (biographical article about Annie Easley, the rocket scientist and mathematician who helped launch NASA Golden Age satellites and space crafts)

Navigating the Challenges of Cell-Based Immunotherapies (interview article for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News on barriers preventing cell-based medicine like CAR-T from becoming widespread)

Befriending Hyperobjects (edited and contributed text for a grant supporting this art project, as well as edited text for the project’s app)

A Short Sequence of Fish DNA Could Change Our Understanding of Virus Reproduction (a Massive Science story I wrote on research I found interesting but is rarely the kind of thing I see covered; contains several turns of phrase I like)

Carl Zimmer explores the mysteries and contradictions of genetics (wrote a review on a new book about genetics and inheritance)

If you want to go go go read more more more you can find everything I’ve ever written here.